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About Us

The Law Offices of Markwei Boye

Established in 1995 by Attorney Markwei Boye, the Law Offices of Markwei Boye is a tax resolution firm specializing in solving complex IRS tax problems. Our mission is to uphold and protect the rights of our clients. We promise to work hard and try to exceed our clients’ expectations at every opportunity. Our goal is to help resolve our clients’ IRS tax problems fast. We know that through hard work, perseverance, knowledge, experience and applying our proven methods will lead us to success.

What to Expect
Founded in Detroit, the Law Offices of Markwei Boye, dba Smart Business Tax Solutions is dedicated to finding a solution to your back tax burden and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Our staff of tax specialists works hard to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients over a wide range of back tax relief issues. We help with our clients achieve successful Offers in Compromise, long-term IRS payment plans, release of tax levies and liens, and business tax planning and preparations.


We firmly believe that the most effective way to deal with a tax problem is to do so in an informed, and proactive manner. We offer the most practical and cost-effective paths to recovery, providing aggressive, ethical tax help for all of your tax problems.

IRS Insider Knowledge
Our staff is what makes us different from other tax resolution companies. We have experience working for the IRS as tax examiners, and counsels. This gives us an insider’s perspective on how the IRS truly works and how we can effectively counter act their tactics. This unique insight allows us to know what the IRS will accept and reject, and this lets us serve our clients’ best interests.

We know how stressful and emotionally devastating it can be to face IRS debts, but rest assured that our highly experienced tax specialists will fight the IRS on your behalf.

Let Our 17 Plus Years Of Experience Work For You
Our 17 years of experience in the tax business speaks for itself. Our staff has effectively dealt with a wide range of tax issues from removing tax liens, levies, negotiated countless offers in compromise, placing tax accounts in currently not collectible status, and setting up long-term payment plans.

Our experience has given us a huge knowledge base that we can reference for our newer clients. This knowledge base gives us an insight into how the IRS reacted to similar past clients’ situations, which will benefit our new clients’ tax problems.

Proven Methods And Procedures That Get Results
The IRS, like any government agency, is one giant bureaucratic machine. They have processes and procedures that must be followed in a timely matter in order to get any type of response. Tax resolution companies have hundreds, if not thousands of clients to help. 

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