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  • What is Smart Business Tax Solutions?
    Smart Busines Tax Solutions is a tax resolution firm specializing in our clients' IRS tax problems. Our mission is to uphold and protect the rights of our clients. We promise to work hard and try to exceed our clients' expectations at every opportunity. Our goal is to help resolve our clients' IRS tax problems fast. We know that hard work, perseverance, knowlege, experience and applying our proven methods will lead us to success.
  • What should I expect when I go to Smart Business Tax Solutions?
    At Smart Business Tax Solutions, we are dedicated to finding a solution to your back tax burden and give you back the peace of mind you deserve. Our staff of tax specialists has worked hard to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients over a wide range of back tax relief issues. We are here to help you and have succesfully worked on Offers in Compromise, setting up long-term IRS payment plans, removed tax levies and liens, and business tax planning and preparations. We firmly believe that the most effective way to deal with a tax problem is to do so in an informed, and proactive manner. We offer the most practical and cost-effective paths to recovery. Smart Business Tax Solutions provides aggressive, ethical tax help for all of your tax problems.
  • What makes Smart Business Tax Solutions different?
    Our staff is what makes Smart Business Tax Solutions different from other tax resolution companies. We have experience working for the IRS as tax examiners, and counsel. This gives us an insider's perspective on how the IRS truly works and how we can effectively counteract their tactics. This unique insight allows us to know what the IRS will accept and reject, and this lets us serve our clients' best interest. We know how stressful and emotionally devasting it can be to face IRS debts, but rest assured that our highly experienced tax specialists will fight the IRS on your behalf.
  • Does Smart Business Tax Solution have experience?
    Our 25 years of experience in the tax business speaks for itself. Our staff has effectively dealt with a wide range of tax issues from removing tax liens, levies, negotiating countless offers in compromise, placing tax accounts in "currently not collectible" status, and setting up long-term payment plans. Our experience has given us a huge knowledge base that we can reference for our newer clients. This knowledge base gives us an insight into how the IRS reacted to similar past clients' situations which will benefit our new clients' tax problems.
  • What would happen if I dealt with the IRS directly?
    The IRS is exceptionally powerful and when you bump heads with the agency, it can be a nerve-wrecking situation. Few people can be confident of dealing effectively with the IRS themselves, so its wise to have experienced representation on your side. Legal representation is provided by tax attorneys, who can help you defend your rights and protect your assets.
  • What is an IRS Tax Attorney?
    An IRS tax atorney is a qualified lawyer with extensive experience in tax law. He (or she) usually specializes in the rules that apply to tax liability at a federal, state, or municipal level. He is also qualified in the nuances of taxation as it applies to estate transfers, income from a wide range of sources, and multiple types of business transactions including intellectual property purchases. Most tax attorneys begin by studying for an undergraduate degree in any field from a recognized institution, but the most common routes to this position are business, economics, finance, or accountancy. Students then complete a three-year program at an accredited law school with a strong tax law program, after which they write the American Bar exam to become qualified tax attorneys.
  • Why and when do you need a tax attorney?
    Anyone who has committed a tax offense runs the risk of being charged by the IRS. Tax evasion, criminal investigations and tax fraud are serious offenses whether they were committed knowingly, or unintentionally. If you're facing any of the following challenges, a tax attorney is your best hope of achieving positive results; Unfiled tax returns Tax penalties Commission of tax fraud Tax liens or levies Unpaid or outstanding taxes Many of these circumstances can be resolved satisfactorily if you have a legal representative who knows how the system works and is able to identify a suitable defense for you.
  • How can an IRS tax attorney help?
    A qualified and experienced tax attorney can help in several ways. Some of the common solutions an attorney may be able to achieve include: An Offer in Compromise. This is a multifaceted option that enables you to make a tax settlement for a lower amount than the taxes owed. The offer will usually only be accepted under specific circumstancees, and our IRS tax lawyers know how to make these deals. Payment Plans. With an experienced attorney representing you, it may be possible to get an IRS agreement for paying down your tax dept over a period of time. Abatement. Tax penalties can be harsh, but if you have a legitimate excuse for not filing or paying, an IRS tax attorney will be able to help you prove your case and escape penalties. Innocent Spousal Relief. An IRS tax attorney can help you avoid being liable for tax debt incurred by your spouse. Bankruptcy. If you declare bankruptcy under certain circumstances, your tax lawyer may be able to have your outstanding taxes discharged.
  • What are the benefits of hiring a tax attorney?
    Apart from the most obvious benefit of resolving your immediate tax problem, there are a number of other advantages to hiring the right IRS tax attorney. These include: Attorney client privilege which ensures your attorney can only reveal information you give permission to disclose. Comprehensive advice covering various areas of tax law other service providers can't cover. For example, a tax attorney can offer complex solutions on issues such as bankruptcy, while other tax professionals can't. Act on your behalf, including representing you during meetings and communications with the IRS. Negotiating amounts owed to the IRS, both in and out of court. Access to someone with tax training and skills who can steer you in the right direction and reduce the stress involved in these situations. Tax attorneys come in all shapes and sizes. Some are attached to larger legal firms, others to tax consulting companies. When you need to retain professional assistance to deal with the IRS, don't be persuaded to appoint the first tax lawyer you come across. Conduct some online research to determine whether the person offering to represent you has the qualifications to do so, and to see what reviews other clients have left about their services. Reputable IRS tax lawyers are willing to provide references, and often come highly recommended by family, or friends. At Smart Business Tax Solutions, we have access to a number of dependable, experienced tax attorneys, enabling us to provide a full range of tax services to resolve your IRS problems fast.
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