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With a 99% Client Satisfaction Rating, the Law Offices of Markwei Boye is Michigan's Most Effective Tax Problem Resolution Law Firm.

Over the past two decades, the Law Offices of Markwei Boye has helped thousands of individuals and businesses nationwide achieve peace of mind by negotiating the best possible resolution of their IRS tax obligations.  When life’s circumstances land you in a position where you need an IRS tax representation firm, you can trust us for ethical, affordable, effective tax relief. 

We’ve saved our clients' millions in back taxes,

penalties and interest.






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Our caring, knowledgeable, tax resolution consultants excel at providing peace of mind by solving our clients’ complex tax problems, ensuring the lowest possible tax liability is paid, and in many cases, saving them a very substantial amount of money. Unlike many companies, our firm focuses on doing one thing, and doing it as effectively as possible …resolving IRS related problems.

Tax Services

Our staff is expert at preparing individual and business tax returns and we offer tips on managing withholdings and limiting future tax liabilities.

IRS Services

We focus on doing one thing, resolving IRS related problems like wage garnishments, bank levies, IRS tax liens and unfiled back taxes.

Tax Planning

Working with you, we will develop a plan to shrink your yearly tax burden and minimize your IRS liability by implementing our proprietary plan.

A few of the tax problems we solve for our clients.


Unfiled Tax Returns

Unfiled tax returns are a serious offense in the eyes of the IRS, and can lead to mounting debt as back taxes and fines pile up. 

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Wage Garnishment

The IRS will send a notice to your employer letting them know that you owe back taxes, and that your employer must now withhold money from your paycheck

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IRS Tax Lien

If you continue to ignore back tax problems, you will eventually end up with the IRS placing a Federal Tax Lien on your property,

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IRS Tax Levy

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, you may be in danger of receiving a tax levy on your bank account.

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IRS Asset Seizure

Once the IRS places a tax levy on your property, you need to pay in full or suffer the consequences of an IRS asset seizure. 

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Criminal Tax Defense

Have you been notified by the IRS criminal-investigation division that you are under investigation for unfiled taxes, or tax fraud?

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Tax Audit

While millions of taxpayers are audited every year, the concept that the IRS would like to take a closer look at your taxes can be nerve-wracking.

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Innocent Spouse

Unfiled tax returns are a serious offense in the eyes of the IRS, and can lead to mounting debt as back taxes and fines pile up.

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Other services include: Offer in Compromise, Payment Plans, Currently Not Collectible, Payroll Tax Debt and more. 


Call the Law Offices of Markwei Boye at

248-395-3389 for a consultation.

Our Team


Markwei Boye, JD, LLM, EA, MBA, BBA

President and CEO


Sheila Stanton

Business Manager


Sasank Boppana, JD, BBA

Associate Attorney and Accountant


Cori Howell

Bookkeeping Analyst

What Our Clients Say About Us

Thank you Smart Business Tax Solutions for all of your help in settling my debt with the IRS! I owed $22,573, but only ended up paying $1988. You really eased my mind, the way you kept the IRS off of my back. Also, I wanted to thank for helping me eat and sleep again. I’ll recommend you to anyone I can think of who could possibly use your wonderful help!

Ken N., North Carolina

I have not had a good sleep in almost 2 weeks, I couldn’t eat and was too stressed to even leave the house. The IRS was garnishing my wages and levied my bank account, and I had no money to pay my rent and thought I was doomed for sure. By the time I contacted Smart Business Tax Solutions, I thought there was no hope. A phone call to their offices and an hour later, I felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. They educated me on the process that led up to my wage garnishment and levy, and how they were going to fix it. Their office worked very quickly to gather all of my information and get to work. Before the end of the week my garnishment and levy were lifted, and Markwei himself spoke to the IRS and set me up on an affordable payment plan. I can rest easy again, and I still have a place to live! Thanks Markwei and everyone at SBTS! You saved my life!

Eric J., Detroit

You saved me $2,000 on just one tax strategy! I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks for all of your help to minimize taxes. In such a complicated tax world, you showed me how to save $2,000 in taxes on just one tax strategy alone. No other tax professional has taken the time to show these tax savings opportunities for my company. Your services have been professional and timely, and also articulate and accurate – a very important facet of your business. It’s nice to know that I can run my business and not have to worry about the "tax" side of my business. I look forward to learning more strategies for tax savings in the future. Keep up the great job!

Sai W., Cascor Medical Center

Markwei Boye

Law Offices

Markwei Boye

Law Offices

Don't let your IRS back tax debt ruin your life.

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